Practical Solutions For Your Heavy Earring Problems

Practical Solutions For Your Heavy Earring Problems

Today, dozens of adorable earrings with stunning looks catch your eyes in the market. You fell in love with them at first sight; however, sometimes, when you put them on, you start facing issues – they are either uncomfortable to wear or do not fit right. If you have spent some money on your favourite designer earring, then don’t give up too soon. This article will address five efficient
solutions to make a repair and fix the issues.

Top 5 practical solutions for your earrings are listed below:

1. Get larger discs attached to the screws:

By having a bigger disk, you can ensure that the screw covers a significant part of your ears for proper weight distribution. It is an excellent way to avoid stretching your earlobes, which often cause further issues with permanent earlobe extension damages. Usually, these discs are prepared using rigid transparent plastic, but you can find some metal options too. Choose the one that goes with your style.

2. Replace the screw entirely:

By getting a bigger screw, you can solve the problem with dangling models. You can find many different screw options to make a replacement for your designer earring. It will help you keep the charm of your jewellery while making it more comfortable to wear. It is a good option if you wish to wear your earring for a longer duration. 

3. Redo and simplify the design:

If you are feeling uncomfortable in holding the weight of your earring, you can opt for a small redesigning if your pendant allows it. You can remove some elements of your jewellery to lighten it up. It will help reduce the weight and allow you to wear it comfortably for a longer duration. Further, you can add lighter extensions to make it look bigger while it remains light weighed. 

4. Can’t fix earrings in any way? Convert them:

If you are unable to fix it, you can use them differently. You can convert your jewellery into a pendant, or make it act as a finger-ring. It will allow you to use your earring individually. Moreover, you can turn your meenakari ornament into an extension for your necklace. In this way, you can make your jewellery more attractive. 

5. Seek help from a jewellery specialist:

If you have tried out every practical solution that shows up in your mind and still find it challenging to wear. You can seek help from a jewellery designer. By visiting a jewellery shop, you can ask to make adjustments in the design and weight of the earring so that you can feel comfortable. 


It happens a lot that we buy an expensive earring, but later find it a bit uncomfortable. The good thing to know is that there are a variety of ways in which you can make adjustments, and use your designer earrings. Moreover, you can make heavy earrings more comfortable to wear for more extended hours by making minor adjustments. So, you need not give up on your earrings unless you try out the practical solutions listed above.



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